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Canine Cough

What is Canine Cough?

Canine Cough is an infectious upper respiratory "cold", much like a cold is passed between children. This bronchitis can be caused by a number of different bacteria such as Bordetella and viruses such as Parainfluenza. These agents are air-borne, spread by exhalation. The incubation period is 5-7 days and symptoms can include a dry cough and possibly nasal discharge and sneezing. This condition is commonly referred to as "Kennel Cough". However, a dog can be exposed in a park, grooming shop or veterinary office or any place where dogs congregate or pass through. This is a self-limiting "cold" that will go away with time, although a vet may prescribe supportive treatment. Your dog's Distemper/Parvo vaccination provides protection against some forms of coughing, as well as the "Kennel Cough" vaccination also known as Bordetella. This vaccination needs to be specifically requested when your pet has his annual vaccinations. It needs to be given every 12 months and will be either an injection or nasal spray. Cohasset Kennel requires this vaccination to be current in order to protect your pet and other's and it should be administered at least 72 hours prior to boarding as to allow your dog's body to form protective antibodies.