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You are charged on a nightly basis. 9:00 AM to 9:00 AM is one full day. Check out is by 9AM in order to avoid accruing that day's board charge. However, boarding dogs that are being bathed for pick-up do not incur a boarding charge the last day, just the bath fee. Pets that are not being bathed are welcome to stay past 9 AM, but will incur that day's board charge as we will then be reserving their run for the day and caring for them.

Pet Being Picked Up by Friend/Family Member:

If you are planning to have someone other than yourself picking up, we will need their name and phone number. In addition, payment for services is due BEFORE the animal is released from the Kennel. To facilitate this, please leave a credit card number with the desk and we will charge your card on the day of departure and send you a receipt. Pre-payment often does not fully cover the stay as travel plans and pick-up times tend to change. Please leave our number and directions with this person and let them know if the pet is being bathed and what time you have arranged for them to come. Also, if your pet is not being bathed and you want to avoid another day's board, let them know that they must come by 9AM.