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Food Types

We offer Iams standard adult mini-chunks kibble. This chicken based formulation is an excellent source of protein and contains all the essential minerals and amino acids. The mini-chunk size will suit even the smallest breeds. If you would like us to add canned food or other additions to your dog's meals, please send them in, clearly labeled and only enough for their stay. For cats, we carry the Iams Standard dry cat food. If your cat tends to be a finicky eater, please send some canned food that will help to tempt to the palate!

Own Food and Treats:

You are welcome to bring your own food if  Iams is not what you would like us to feed your pet.  Please only bring us the amount that your pet will need for the stay in a disposable bag and we will place the food and treats in the door container of your pet's run. We have measuring cups and you can indicate on the plastic bag with marker the pet's name and amount per feeding.   Please do not send containers as these do not fit in our door containers.  We will only accept food in the above listed manner, no plastic storage containers, no measuring cups/scoops/bowls and no 20 pound bags.